Our Attorneys Assist Employers And Employees In Resolving Their Disputes

There are nearly 2 million workers in the Boston metro area working for hundreds of thousands of employers. Unfortunately, not all of these employers are in compliance with Massachusetts and Federal employment laws. This lack of compliance can create significant damage for employees, ranging from lost wages to emotional distress. At The Employee Rights Group, LLC, our main focus is on providing just and equitable outcomes for employees and employers.

Our experienced attorneys offer the highest standard of representation and superior advocacy to bring about exemplary results. We are calculated and aggressive in our pursuit of our clients' goals. Our firm regularly serves individuals, businesses and municipal entities in employment law matters and has developed an excellent track record of success in these cases.

Our practice serves both employers and employees in resolving complex employment issues such as discrimination, wage and hour cases, and other matters. Many law firms have experience representing only employees or employers. Our experience working for both employees and employers gives us a unique perspective. We know the strategies and defenses for each side of a case, which offers a substantial advantage for our clients.

We offer representation for these and other employment law issues:

Employment law is not our only area of focus. We have an active and robust business litigation practice, often involving breach of contract and other business-to-business matters. We stand up for individuals whose civil rights have been violated by police and other law enforcement officials.

With respect to all of these matters, clients look to us for professionalism and advanced knowledge of the law. To learn more about any of our lawyers, please follow the links below.

If you have a concern about an employment law issue, please call our office at 774-847-7390 or contact us online. We will set up a consultation where you can discuss your concern with one of our lawyers.

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