An Individual's Civil Rights, As Stated In The Constitution, Are Not Negotiable

No area of the law is rooted deeper in the United States Constitution than a person's civil rights. When these rights are violated by police or other officials, the injured party is entitled to compensation — not just for the pain and indignity he or she has suffered, but because it is important to call attention to the attacks on our civil liberties that are being perpetrated by law enforcement today.

Lawsuits Against Discrimination And Police Violence In Boston And The Surrounding Areas

The attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC handle every kind of case in which police overstep and violate the rights guaranteed to all people, by law. These include:

  • Section 1983 offenses
  • False imprisonment
  • False arrest
  • Police abuse
  • Police brutality
  • Police shootings
  • Excessive force
  • Prison guard abuse
  • Unconstitutional searches and seizures
  • Wrongful prosecutions
  • Wrongful detention by store and building merchant security

We offer aggressive representation, superior advocacy and exemplary results to our clients who have suffered at the hands of law enforcement.

Massachusetts cases involving police misconduct are challenging, to say the least. Law enforcement officials are granted considerable discretion to do their jobs as they see fit. Their power is not absolute, however, and courts today are aware that police cross these lines more frequently than they may wish to admit. Justice can be obtained, but it is not an easy victory.

Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the law and are not afraid to stand up against the power of the police. We are dedicated to achieving our clients' goals and obtaining fair and full compensation for the harm caused to them. For more information, call the lawyers at The Employee Rights Group, LLC, at 774-847-7390 — or email us a brief description of your mistreatment.

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