Employment Discrimination Is A Reality In The Workplace — Our Lawyers Can Help

At the law firm of The Employee Rights Group, LLC, we provide quality legal services to employees and employers in a wide array of employment discrimination matters. Our attorneys' extensive experience representing parties on both sides of these disputes puts us in a strong position to provide effective counsel to every client we serve.

Our knowledge of the Massachusetts and federal laws that govern employment discrimination allows us to develop customized strategies designed to address the unique issues associated with each case. Clients derive a great deal of benefit from our collaborative approach, thorough analysis and detailed execution.

Skilled Guidance For Employees And Employers On Discrimination Issues

Our lawyers resolve all types of employment discrimination disputes, including those based on the following:

  • Physical disabilitiesEmployees with physical disabilities who are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Rehabilitation Act are protected. Reasonable accommodation must be made for individuals covered under the ADA.
  • RaceRacism at work can be subtle and can include a number of different behaviors
  • Color — Employers may not treat employees differently because of the skin color
  • Gender or pregnancy — Gender discrimination can be subtle and may not include overt behavior. The Family and Medical Leave Act and other laws exist to protect pregnant women from discrimination.
  • Age — There are both federal and Massachusetts state laws to protect people from age discrimination.
  • ReligionDiscrimination based on religion often occurs between co-workers. It is often linked to negative employment action when an individual reports the negative and harassing remarks.
  • Ethnicity and national origin — We represent employees facing ethnic discrimination as well as employers seeking guidance on avoiding and handling these claims.
  • Citizenship status — Discrimination based on an individual's citizenship is often associated with a person's national origin. While employers may inquire into whether a person is a citizen when hiring, they may not discriminate based on individual ethnicity.
  • Genetic information — Employers may not discriminate against someone based on their DNA. This form of discrimination is often associated with individuals who have genetic predisposition to a certain disease, such as breast cancer or diabetes.
  • Sexual harassmentSexual harassment is a form of bullying. It refers to behaviors that are sexual in nature that cause another individual to feel bad or unsafe. The individuals involved do not need to be of differing sexes for harassment to take place.
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers — Employers may not take a negative employment action against whistleblowers who report fraudulent or illegal activities to state or federal authorities.
  • Mental disability — Massachusetts has laws to protect individuals who are suffering from mental illness and other forms of mental impairment.
  • Criminal record (CORI) — Despite it being illegal to do so, many employers do discriminate against individuals with criminal records. This is often done during the hiring process.
  • Marital status — Individuals may not be discriminated based on their familial status, including whether they are married, are divorced or have children.
  • Sexual orientation — Despite changing societal attitudes about LGBT issues, discrimination based on sexual orientation is still a problem in many workplaces.
  • Gender identity — Massachusetts law now specifically protects transgender, transsexual and other individuals who identify with a different gender from discrimination.

Take Advantage Of Our Extensive Experience Handling Discrimination Claims

Whether you feel that you have been discriminated against or you are being accused of discrimination, the attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC, in Boston, are prepared to provide the representation you need. You can schedule a no-obligation initial consultation by calling 774-847-7390. You can also contact us via email if you prefer.

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