Boston Attorneys Providing Defense Against Wage And Hour Claims

Massachusetts employers are generally aware of the minefield that employment can be for a business. Timely quality legal advice can pay for itself many times over as employers seek to prevent and avoid litigation.

Despite diligent preparation, wage and hour claims sometimes develop for individual employees and in the form of class actions. The Employee Rights Group, LLC works with employers proactively as well as in defense of claims that arise. Our lawyers have years of experience representing and defending employers in wage and hour class actions involving issues such as:

A class action suit can be very costly for employers, whether they win or lose. Our attorneys are well aware of the high stakes. We work hard to contain legal costs for our employer clients while advocating vigorously to protect them from preventable losses through verdicts or through costly settlements.

Turn To Advocates Ready To Defend Your Company In A Wage And Hour Case

Our wage and hour attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC have ample experience with defense against wage and hour claims. We also help employees bring class actions. Our experience on both sides of the fence and our strong track record with cases handled on both sides can work to your advantage. Request a consultation with no further obligation. Contact our downtown Boston law offices by email or by calling 774-847-7390.

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