Non- Or Late Payment Of Wages And Commissions? Ask An Employment Law Attorney For A Case Evaluation.

Have you had trouble getting paid fully and on time at your Massachusetts place of employment? Naturally, this can be inconvenient as well as distressing. It is burdensome for employees to be paid late or to remain unpaid for work or commissions. Reaching out for legal advice is a smart next step.

Massachusetts employment laws spell out that it is the responsibility of employers to pay employees within two weeks, at the latest. Since many Americans are just one paycheck away from financial trouble, even one late paycheck can devastate personal and family finances. Unfortunately, some employees encounter this very situation all too often.

A wage and hour claim may or may not be a cost-effective remedy to the problem of late payment of wages and commissions. However, if other employees are similarly affected through your employer's tardiness, you may be able to initiate a class action lawsuit. If you serve as the lead plaintiff, you may be able to recover extra monies.

An employment law attorney at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in Boston can review the facts of your situation which may reveal that your employer has wronged you (and perhaps other employees) through late commission payments or:

Does Your Employer Consistently Pay Late? Discuss Your Case With An Attorney.

Massachusetts wage and hour attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC are available to determine if you likely have a case and help you explore your options for righting wrongs. Call us at 774-847-7390 or send an email. We have also represented employers in wage and hour cases. Our lawyers' familiarity with both sides of these issues can greatly strengthen your case.

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