Did Your Employer Miscalculate Your Commissions Or Bonuses?

Commissions or bonuses may make up a significant part of your total pay. Moreover, commissions and bonuses are often considered "wages" for purposes of the Massachusetts wage and hour statute, and you may be entitled to treble damages if your employer is not calculating your incentive pay accurately.

If you think that you are not receiving all the commissions or bonus pay that you earned, contact the attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in Boston for a confidential consultation. Call 774-847-7390.

How Were My Commissions Calculated?

If you are paid commissions or bonuses, your employer must provide you with a written agreement that explains:

  • How your commission or bonus pay is calculated
  • How commissions or bonuses are recorded
  • How often you are to be paid
  • How commissions or bonuses are paid if you terminate employment

Our lawyers will review your commission or bonus plan materials and determine:

  • If it meets the requirements of federal and Massachusetts laws
  • If your commissions or bonuses were calculated in accordance with the written agreement

What Can I Do If My Employer Miscalculated My Commissions?

If your employer did not pay you all of the commissions or bonuses you earned, you may be able to recover triple the amount of unpaid compensation you are owed. In addition, your employer may have to pay for your legal fees as well as statutory interest.

For More Information About Miscalculated Commissions Or Bonuses

Don't let your employer shortchange you. You may be missing out on thousands of dollars in wages. Talk to the lawyers at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston. Our phone number is 774-847-7390, or you can email us your questions about unpaid commissions or bonuses.

In addition to representing individuals, our attorneys handle unpaid commission or bonus disputes as class actions.

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