Were Unpaid Final Wages And Commissions In Violation Of Your Employment Contract?

Massachusetts employment laws clearly specify that "any employee leaving his employment shall be paid in full on the following regular pay day, and ... any employee discharged from such employment shall be paid in full on the day of his discharge." M.G.L. ch.149 §148

You may have realized that your Massachusetts employer failed to pay you fully and on time when you left your job voluntarily or were discharged. Missing your last paycheck or wondering when your employer will pay commissions you are owed can be disconcerting. It may also be a sign that your employer has violated state law.

Unpaid Final Commissions

Note: Commissions may not be payable at the same time as other wages. They are not considered wages until they are calculable and due.

An employee without an expected paycheck is in a difficult situation in most cases. Consult with an experienced employment lawyer at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in Boston to request an evaluation of your case. An attorney can help you determine if your employer did, in fact, violate the law. One of our employment lawyers may detect other problems related to your final pay, such as:

Please note that we regularly represent both employees and employers in wage and hour claims. This dual experience informs the strategies and defenses we apply to any particular case.

Request A Consultation With A Wage And Hour Attorney After Final Wages Went Unpaid

Our experienced and knowledgeable employment lawyers at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston can advise you after your employer failed to pay you at the end of your employment. Contact us at 774-847-7390 or by email. We have experience on both sides of the fence and can put that experience to work for you.

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