Wage And Tip Violations By Employers Can Cause Conflicts With Employees

Tips function as a form of a wage, which allows employers to bypass Massachusetts' minimum wage laws and puts the burden of paying employees onto their customers. As a result, hospitality workers may be paid as little as $2.63 per hour in Massachusetts. However, if a service worker does not earn the difference between $2.63 an hour and $9 (the real minimum wage), the employer must make up the difference.

Tips, which are generally given voluntarily by the customer, are critically important to employees who need to earn a living wage. When restaurants, hotels and other service industries use tipping to benefit themselves, employees suffer because of the lost income.

The employment law attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC work with employees who have suffered under employers' tipping practices to seek damages from employers in court. They also represent employers facing allegations of unfair tipping practices.

Most law firms represent only one side of employment law issues. We feel that having in-depth knowledge of both sides of any issue allows us a better understanding of what our clients are facing and how to best resolve the situation. We provide exceptional representation and strive to achieve exemplary results for all of our clients, regardless of their position.

We are seasoned trial attorneys and have brought many cases to court. However, we are also able to reach settlements that both parties can agree on to bring a case to a swift and successful resolution.

Unfair Treatment Of Tipped Employees

Common tipping abuses include:

  • Owners or managers working as bartenders and claiming tips from the tip pool
  • Seizing a percentage of employees' tips for themselves or other non service employees, invalidating the tip pool
  • Refusing to make up the difference when tips plus wages fall short of the minimum wage

Service workers are rightly indignant that much of their earnings come at the whim of customers. When employers alter the distribution of tip income, already low-paid employees see their wages shrink further. Conversely, employers have rights when it comes to accusations of unfair tipping practices.

If you have been harmed by unlawful tip violations or unpaid overtime by an employer or you are an employer wrongly charged with tip violations, relief is available. Talk to the lawyers at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston. Call our office at 774-847-7390 or email us a description of your situation to schedule your consultation.

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