Unpaid Wages Can Cause Serious Conflicts Between Employers And Employees

Even as the economy slowly turns around, employers are finding ways to cut costs and maximize profits. This can happen at the expense of employees when employers illegally withhold their wages. Many Massachusetts employers deliberately or inadvertently violate wage and hour laws. For workers, this can mean a substantial loss.

At The Employee Rights Group, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience on both sides of this issue. We know that there are employees with legitimate claims to compensation. By the same token, we also recognize that there are employers that may be falsely accused of keeping employees' wages from them.

We believe that having an in-depth understanding of both sides of any employment law issue allows us to offer the best representation to our clients, regardless of which side they are on. We have an exceptional track record of resolving these issues, through negotiation as well as in court.

Many Employers Get Away With Failing To Pay Employees Their Fair Wages

Employers can and do cheat workers of wages and benefit contributions, on purpose and by accident. Methods include:

  • Misclassifying a regular wage earner as exempt, so he or she can't collect overtime
  • Taking a portion of employee tips for themselves or unjustly compensating other employees through an illegal "tip pool"
  • Refusing to pay minimum wage
  • Paying in goods instead of money
  • Misclassifying a regular wage earner as an independent contractor, eliminating overtime and benefits altogether
  • Requiring workers to put in time off the clock
  • Ignoring meal time and break requirements
  • Requiring workers to be on call and ready to come into work at any time
  • Not paying final pay period earnings to employees who leave

In each of these instances, employers make the rules and expect employees to accept them, whether the deceit is intentional or not. Massachusetts and federal laws give employees the right to file claims for unpaid wages. Our lawyers work with clients in every industry to resolve wage and hour issues. Under Massachusetts law, employees are entitled to triple the amount that has gone unpaid. Automatic treble damages can serve as great leverage for employees looking to recover back wages and, in some instances, can crush an employer's bottom line.

Talk To Our Attorneys About Your Nonpayment Of Wages Claim

If you have been victimized by nonpayment of wages or if your company has been accused of withholding employees' wages, talk to The Employee Rights Group, LLC of Boston. We can evaluate the validity of your case and give you options on how to proceed. Call 774-847-7390 or write to our attorneys with your questions.

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