Failure To Reimburse Business Expenses Might Mean An Employer Has Violated The Law

Are your wages from a Massachusetts employer diminished by business expenses you have paid for but have not been reimbursed? You have come to the right place. The Employee Rights Group, LLC in Boston can advise you of your rights and help devise a plan of action to help you recover what is rightfully yours.

Failure To Reimburse You For Meals And Mileage May Be Equivalent To Illegal Withholdings From Your Paycheck

If your employer requires you to incur expenses such as telephone service fees, the purchase of a computer, purchase of office supplies, postage and travel expenses such as meals and mileage — but does not reimburse you for those expenses — it is time to talk to an employment law attorney. The Employee Rights Group, LLC in Boston is available to evaluate your case and represent you in a civil claim to recover wages in the form of improperly withheld business expenses.

Recent Court Cases Involving An Employer's Failure To Reimburse Business Expenses

In an initial consultation, one of our lawyers can help determine whether your situation is similar to that described in a recent case brought before the Superior Court in Essex County. In that case, HEATHER FRAELICK vs. PERKETTPR, INC., & another, the court determined that reimbursement of business expenses amounted to wages. Therefore, when the plaintiff's employer did not keep its promise to repay travel expenses for assigned work activity, that employer unlawfully withheld payment of wages to that employee.

The Employee Rights Group, LLC Welcomes Your Inquiry

Our Massachusetts employment law attorneys' main focus is on achieving just and equitable outcomes for employees and employers. Our familiarity with both sides of the coin strengthens our ability to represent either a plaintiff or a defendant in a wage and hour claim.

Were You Entitled To Reimbursement Of Business Expenses? Discuss Your Situation With A Wage And Hour Employment Attorney.

Did your employer fail to compensate you for meals and mileage incurred for the business? Did this happen repeatedly — and were other employees similarly affected? A class action suit may be appropriate. If you act as the lead plaintiff in a class action suit, you may recover additional compensation as a result of taking that role in the litigation.

Whatever the facts in your case, talk it over with a lawyer at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston. Reach us by phone at 774-847-7390 or send an email request for a consultation.

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