Do Inside Sales Reps Receive Overtime?

If you work in an inside sales position, such as a car salesman, you may not know that you are entitled to overtime for hours worked in excess of 40 in a week under Massachusetts law. You are also eligible for the minimum wage if your regular pay and commissions are less than you would receive under the minimum wage (As of January 1, 2015, the Massachusetts Minimum Wage is $9.00/ hour).

If you think that you are not receiving all the pay you are due, contact the attorneys at The Employee Rights Group, LLC in Boston for a confidential consultation. You may be entitled to triple the amount of unpaid wages you are owed. Call 774-847-7390 to discuss inside sales rep wage claims with a lawyer.

When Are Sales Employees Entitled To Overtime And The Minimum Wage?

Inside sales employees are entitled to both overtime and minimum wage pay under both Massachusetts and federal law.

An inside sales employee is someone who reaches customers from the employer's location by phone or the Internet, rather than traveling to meet them face-to-face. Many types of sales positions qualify as inside sales, including telemarketing, car salesmen, phone sales of financial products and up selling to existing customers.

During your initial consultation, our lawyers will evaluate your job duties to determine whether your job qualifies as an inside sales position, which is eligible for overtime and the minimum wage. It is your job duties, and not your job title, that determines whether you are entitled to overtime.

What If I Work In Outside Sales?

Some Massachusetts employers attempt to avoid the overtime requirement by assigning their employees some outside sales duties. Outside sales employees are generally not entitled to overtime. However, if outside sales are not your primary job responsibility, you may still be entitled to overtime.

For More Information About Overtime For Sales Employees

To learn more about when your employer is required to pay overtime for and the minimum wage, talk to our Boston wage and hour dispute lawyers. Our phone number is 774-847-7390, or you can email us your questions.

In addition to representing individuals, our attorneys represent groups of sales employees in class actions.

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