Is Your Employer Asking You To Work Off The Clock?

If you feel you are not being paid for all of the hours you work, you may be right. Some employers look for ways to get their employees to work off the clock. In some cases, they may be breaking state and/or federal law.

At The Employee Rights Group, LLC in Boston, we offer a confidential consultation to discuss your case and explain your legal options. Indeed, you may be entitled to triple the amount of unpaid wages your employer owes you. Call 774-847-7390 to discuss your potential unpaid off-the-clock work claim with one of our lawyers.

What Is Off-The-Clock Work?

There are many excuses employers use to avoid paying employees for all of the hours they work. Often, employers will classify some work time as waiting time, rest time, on-call time or work preparation time. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), "hours worked" includes all of the time you must be on duty, whether that is on your employer's premises or any other prescribed place of work.

Under state and federal law, Massachusetts employers must pay you for all hours worked, whether you have recorded those hours on your time sheet or not. You may also be entitled to overtime, based on the number of hours you work each week. Indeed, under Massachusetts law your damages will be tripled, and you could be entitled to reasonable attorneys' fees and interest.

Get Paid For All Of The Hours You Work

To learn more about claims for off-the-clock work, talk to our Massachusetts unpaid wage attorneys. Our phone number is 774-847-7390, or you can email us your questions.

In addition to representing individual employees, our attorneys represent groups of employees in overtime class actions.

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