Do You Receive Overtime For Working On Sunday?

In Massachusetts, you may be entitled to overtime pay for hours worked on Sundays and certain holidays, even if you work less than 40 hours a week. If your employer is not paying you properly, you may be entitled to triple (3x) damages.

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When Can I Get Overtime For Working On Sunday?

Massachusetts Blue Laws (Chapter 136, sections 13 and 16) require retailers who employ seven or more persons to pay employees time and one-half on Sundays and certain holidays.

Most retail establishments, as well as some other businesses, are required to pay time and a half on Sundays. If you work at a retail store on Sundays and are not being paid overtime, it is very likely that your employer is withholding wages from you as well as your colleagues.

If you are eligible for overtime for working on Sundays or certain holidays, your employer has an obligation to pay it even if you worked less than 40 hours during the week.

Can My Employer Offer Comp Time Instead Of Overtime?

Massachusetts employers cannot give you compensatory time instead of paying you overtime. Compensatory time is an arrangement by which your employer gives you time off in lieu of overtime pay.

For More Information About Overtime For Working Sundays And Holidays

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In addition to representing individuals, our attorneys represent groups of employees in Sunday overtime class actions.

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