Discuss Your Massachusetts Employer's Unlawful Wage Deductions With An Employment Law Attorney

Most employees understand the concept of normal and expected payroll deductions, such as:

  • Federal and state income taxes
  • Medicare
  • Social Security
  • Health insurance, if applicable
  • Other agreed-upon deductions, such as retirement accounts or life insurance

What employees do not expect to find on pay stubs are deductions that employers should not be withholding, such as:

  • Fees for uniforms
  • Recouping of money (without employee's consent) an employer is owed by an employee for any reason

Other types of wrongfully unpaid wages may not appear on pay stubs, but amount to wage deductions nonetheless:

  • Reduction of an employee's tips through forced tip pooling or withholding of some tips for the employer
  • Failure to pay an employee for alleged meal breaks even when the employee does not take meal breaks

In other cases, an employer may have an employee misclassified as an independent contractor in order to avoid paying benefits such as sick leave, vacation time and certain payroll taxes — yet that same employer will simultaneously improperly withhold income taxes and Social Security. The net result is an unlawful wage deduction that may appear legitimate on its face.

The Employee Rights Group, LLC Can Evaluate Your Wage And Hour Claim

Our Boston employment law attorneys have years of experience helping underpaid workers recover compensation. Prosecuting our clients' cases often prevent employers from continuing to abuse employees' rights. Our lawyers aggressively pursue our clients' unique claims and ensure that employers' respect the rights of their workers.

Did Your Employer Deduct Fees For Uniforms Or Keep Your Tips? Talk To An Attorney.

The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston has built a strong employment law practice on the basis of its attorneys' knowledge, skills and dedication. We put these assets to work on behalf of our clients with wage and hour claims. We have represented employers as well as employees. This means we are prepared to formulate a compelling strategy to recover what is yours if your employer has abused your rights. Contact us at 774-847-7390 or online to request a consultation.

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