Should You Be The Lead Plaintiff In A Wage And Hour Class Action Suit?

Once you have determined that your employer violated one or more laws related to wage and hour issues, next on the agenda is a decision about how to bring about justice. A careful review and analysis by an employment law attorney may reveal that an individual wage and hour claim will not be cost-effective. On the other hand, a class action suit may be appropriate if many other employees have experienced the same injustices that you have.

Perhaps you hesitate, wondering if the benefits to come through a class action suit are likely to be worth the effort. You may be interested to know about the special opportunity available to individuals who initiate class actions. Massachusetts laws offer incentives to employees or others who act as lead plaintiffs in class action lawsuits.

The Employee Rights Group, LLC is interested in your potential wage and hour lawsuit. Our primary focus is on achieving fair outcomes for both employees and employers. Our lawyers' experience on both sides of lawsuits has given them useful tools and winning strategies applicable to any point of view.

As the lead plaintiff in a class action suit, your name will be listed first. You and your attorney or attorneys will collaborate to develop the case you are trying to prove before a court. In recognition of your special effort and position as the lead plaintiff, the law provides for you to receive a large bonus — that is, significantly higher compensation than other wage and hour class representatives in the case.

Talk to a wage and hour attorney at The Employee Rights Group, LLC about any wage and hour complaint you have against your employer or past employer, such as:

Serving as lead plaintiff in a class action may bring about change, bring compensation to many of your fellow employees and bring even greater financial rewards for yourself.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Determine Whether You Qualify To Be A Wage And Hour Class Action Lead Plaintiff

Contact The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston by phone at 774-847-7390 or via email. Learn how to bring a class action as lead plaintiff, and potential benefits. We also advise employers in defense of wage and hour claims, including class actions. Our understanding of both sides of an employment law issue can work to your advantage.

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