Ask An Attorney To Review Your Contract When Your Employment Is Coming To An End

Opportunities And Pitfalls Of Severance Agreements

The Employee Rights Group, LLC is a valuable resource for employees or employers before an employee's termination. Whether the termination is voluntary or involuntary, our attorneys help clients evaluate, clarify and enforce terms of severance agreements. In particular, we review severance package agreements for common key issues that may lead to losses and claims.

  1. We review an employee's overall employment situation, including the initial hiring contract. We also assess known facts throughout the course of employment to determine whether the employee has pending potential claims such as unpaid overtime, unpaid accrued vacation time or alleged employment discrimination or sexual harassment.
  2. With information on any potential claims, we help employers and employees negotiate the amount employees will be paid for their parachute. The employee may agree not to bring a claim in exchange for an agreed-upon amount of severance pay.
  3. We review the content of the severance agreement for other potential problems, such as non-compete clauses. Our client, either employer or employee, may then make it part of the severance negotiations to get certain clauses included or removed.

Our experienced Massachusetts employment law attorneys work with employers to proactively avoid conflicts and costly litigation. We likewise assist employees who are interested in knowing and protecting their rights as they face the end of employment.

Request A Consultation With An Employment Lawyer Before Leaving Your Job

Whether you are about to resign, have been asked to resign or see a layoff on the horizon, it's wise to have a knowledgeable attorney review the terms of your employment before termination. Make sure you receive all pay and benefits you are entitled to. Preserve your good name by taking the right actions at the right time. Contact The Employee Rights Group, LLC in downtown Boston. Call 774-847-7390 or send an email. Our familiarity with employer-side concerns has given us many useful and practical tools.

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