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Broad-based legal protections guard against wrongful termination

Many workers across the country endure unlawful or otherwise unacceptable conduct from business principals at the workplace as they dutifully perform their jobs. In many instances, they might think that putting up with such behavior is an imperative for retaining their jobs. In other words, it is simply the unalterable status quo.

In fact, it is not, with wrongful termination from employment being a case in point.

An employer's wrongful discharging of an employee in Massachusetts or any other state in the country is flatly unlawful, with a host of state and federal laws that safeguard workers' rights and provide strong remedies against such conduct.

An online overview of wrongful termination discusses the broad-based rights that workers have when confronted by a firing that they simply know is wrong.

It is worthy to note at the outset of any such discussion that even a so-called "at-will" employee cannot be discharged for discriminatory purposes. That means that firing a worker on the basis of race, gender, religion, disability, age, national origin or other protected factors is flatly illegal.

So, too is a termination that is in clear breach of any contractual term in an employment agreement. Employers can also encounter legal problems quite quickly in the event that they retaliate against a worker who goes public with evidence of workplace safety issues, financial irregularities, a pattern of harassing behaviors or other unlawful conduct.

Employment law is a complex area in which issues surrounding wrongful treatment of workers can require knowledgeable input from -- as well as the aggressive representation of -- an experienced attorney. Strong legal advocacy can have a material effect on damage outcomes, which can range widely from reinstatement and back pay to injunctive relief and punitive damages.

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