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Today's diverse, complex work environment: promise and pitfalls

One thing that can be stated with certainty about the American workplace is that it cannot be defined in simple terms.

Put another way, the environment where employees spend much of their lives and expend effort that in turn provides for their families is both variable and complex. The United States is a country of great diversity, which is logically reflected in the composition of its millions of workers.

That great diversity -- marked by gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual preference, recognized disabilities and other factors -- is what unquestionably makes work environments across the country vibrant, exciting and productive places.

It is also what makes them -- some of them -- susceptible to various forms of employee harassment and discrimination.

There are laws against that, with both state and federal legislation on the books that protects victims against behavior that simply cannot be countenanced in any fashion at any workplace.

Those laws are clear and unequivocal, offering strong remedies for employees victimized while engaged on the job and meaningful sanctions against violators.

The attorneys at the Boston-based law firm of The Employee Rights Group, LLC proudly play a strong and central role in spotlighting violations of workers' rights where they exist and in enforcing Massachusetts and federal laws that protect employees against unlawful workplace behaviors.

Collectively, our attorneys command many years of on-point experience in the employment law arena. A distinctive aspect of our firm is practice-area acumen gleaned from representing both employers and workers across a wide spectrum of complex employment issues.

That allows for a broad-based perspective of workplace issues and problems that centrally guides the strategies we employ on behalf of workers who have suffered from workplace discrimination, wage-and-hour violations, harassing behaviors and wrongful termination.

We represent employees in employment law disputes throughout the Boston metropolitan area and across Massachusetts. We invite your closest scrutiny of our firm and any questions you might have regarding any employment-related issue.

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