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Wage and hour issues: What are some common employee claims?

People like money.

Employers like to amass it in regularly increasing amounts, and then save as much of it as possible. And, for obvious reasons, workers like their paychecks to accurately reflect the amount of work they do for their employees, taking into account its quality, the number of hours worked, their proper classification at the workplace and so forth.

There is certainly a most fundamental and reciprocal element attached to the employer/worker relationship. On the one hand, employers expect work to be adequately and timely completed. On the other hand, employees expect to be fully compensated for their efforts in the manner agreed upon when they were hired.

When things run smoothly at the workplace, that dual expectation is fully realized. When they don't, it can become quickly and materially undermined, leading to pay-related disputes.

What are some of the more common wage and hour claims alleged by workers in Massachusetts and nationally?

Not paying minimum wage is certainly one of them. Although workers in some businesses are exempt from minimum wage requirements, many millions of workers are protected by a minimum wage, under both federal and state law. For the record, Massachusetts has a comparatively high minimum wage, along with stringent requirements relating to employers tasked to pay it.

Misclassification of employees is another wage-related claim that is commonly raised. Workers are sometimes tagged as independent contractors by employers seeking to sidestep tax payments and benefits owed to them. Full-time workers are often classified as part-time employees.

And, of course, overtime issues are prevalent in all manner of industries across the country, with a number of tactics engaged in that deny workers full pay for hours worked. Employees are sometimes not paid for breaks or told to attend to tasks both before and after their stated work hours. Stories of interns doing the work that regular employees do and not being paid for it are far from uncommon.

Wage and hour disputes run a wide gamut of concerns. Any worker (or employer as well) having questions or concerns regarding a wage-related matter might reasonably want to confer with a proven employment law attorney.

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