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Wage-and-hour disputes: a broad universe of concerns

A work-related story occasionally surfaces chronicling an employee's near ecstasy with his or her employment and job particulars. Sometimes the worker is described as being so happy that receiving a paycheck just happens to be a happy byproduct of a life spent with the perfect employer.

Most readers probably envy that mindset and workplace reality just a bit, wishing that they could duplicate its details to some degree. After all, and given that most people do spend much of their lives working, it's certainly better when the experience is good rather than bad, right?

But here's a caveat: How many of us would really -- truly, really -- forgo that paycheck, even if our employment was blissful and we could afford to do so?

Obviously, the bottom line for most people is that they want to be paid for their work and need that paycheck. In fact, many people suffer dire hardship if their allotted pay hits the bank even a single day late.

The truth is that virtually all of us want as much money as we can get, and we certainly don't like it when we believe that our employer is stiffing us in some fashion. Such conduct is unethical.

It is also unlawful.

There are many ways in which an unscrupulous employer can commit a wage-and-hour violation that results in an illegal reduction of an employee's pay. Some employers misclassify employees in a manner that slashes their pay and benefits. Workers sometimes work for free both before and after scheduled shifts, thus forgoing overtime pay to which they are entitled. Minimum wage laws are sometimes skirted.

At The Employee Rights Group, LLC, there is not a ruse to avoid proper payment that we do not know about. In fact, our Boston-based attorneys represent both employees and employers in wage-related matters that span a broad universe of wage-and-hour concerns.

We invite readers seeking further information on this area of law to visit us online at our Wage-and-Hour Disputes page. We welcome your visit and look forward to providing you with knowledgeable and aggressive representation in your wage-related legal matter.

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