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Workplace harassment and discrimination: things to think about

A recent article focusing on workplace harassment and discrimination discusses various "do nots" that come centrally into play for any worker contemplating a complaint or legal action in response to the conduct of another worker.

Of course, that other worker could be a boss or co-employee at a similar level. A harasser or person engaging in discriminatory behavior could be of a different color or religion. He or she might manifestly display a bigoted mindset regarding gender equality in the workplace, sexual orientation, a disability or national origin.

The targets of discriminatory workplace behavior are myriad, indeed, but all of them share a similar concern, namely, the need to respond purposefully to unfair and illegal behaviors aimed specifically at them.

As noted in the above-cited article, the burden of proof in any complaint alleging discriminatory or harassing workplace behavior is solidly upon the accuser. Given that onus, it is imperative that a claim be as solid and well developed as it possibly can be before it is brought.

Don't neglect relevant details is a core "do not" when it comes to contacting a corporate human relations department or preparing a matter for litigation.

What that means, says one commentator on the subject, is having "a detailed record of dates, situations and descriptions of the incidents."

And don't wait too long to take action, because failure to respond with dispatch will likely fuel further illegal behaviors and call into question whether a complaint is truly meritorious.

Suffering workplace discrimination or harassment can be tremendously stressful and perplexing for a victim, who often does not know how to proceed to stop illegal behaviors and ensure that they will not recur.

Questions and concerns in this singular area of law can be directed to a proven and client-empathetic employment law attorney.

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