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May 2015 Archives

Woman files wrongful termination claim after reporting harassment

Many workers lose their jobs each year because of unfair labor practices. Employees who report improper behavior and suffer from discrimination are sometimes retaliated against in efforts to keep their complaints quiet. Terminated Massachusetts employees are forced to find other ways to support their families and can suffer financial hardships. Some choose to not accept a wrongful termination and turn to the legal system for justice.

Age discrimination focus continued: the case for older workers

We referenced age discrimination in the workplace in our immediately preceding blog entry, noting therein that, "Neither logically nor ethically does it seem to be the case that an argument can ever be made" promoting employment-related decisions that discriminate against older workers (please see our May 13 post entry ).

Age discrimination a core concern of millions of older workers

Given that, as a recent media article notes, "the ability to get the job done is what really matters," should a worker's age factor at all into an employer's decisions regarding hiring, promotion, compensation and termination-related matters?

Former Al Jazeera America employee alleges wrongful termination

Most employees in the United States have the expectation that when they go to work they will not face discriminatory conduct. When that type of conduct is encountered workers expect that their complaints about it will be heard and appropriate action to rectify the problem will be taken. Unfortunately that is not always the case and sometimes those individuals are retaliated against by being fired.

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