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Age discrimination a core concern of millions of older workers

Given that, as a recent media article notes, "the ability to get the job done is what really matters," should a worker's age factor at all into an employer's decisions regarding hiring, promotion, compensation and termination-related matters?

Neither logically nor ethically does it seem to be the case that an argument can ever be made promoting discrimination against older employees in the workplace.

And yet, the reality -- as underscored through both employees' anecdotal observation and hard empirical evidence -- is that age discrimination is alive and well in businesses and industries across the United States.

Here's a relevant statistic: Reportedly, the amount of time that younger and older workers, respectively, spend looking for a job while being unemployed is markedly different. Last year, slightly over one-fifth of workers younger than 25 couldn't secure employment within 27 weeks. For persons 55 and older, that figure was appreciably spiked, at about 45 percent.

And here's a reported finding from AARP: In the employee demographic comprising workers between 45 and 70, about half of the members of that work pool who have looked for work over the past five years say that they have experienced age discrimination.

Facing that added obstacle can knock an older person's savings and retirement plans straight off the tracks, of course, as well as confer a decided advantage upon younger workers in the job market.

There are strong federal and state laws that protect older employees at the workplace and as they search for employment.

When a worker is experiencing age discrimination in a job-related matter, he or she can invoke those legal protections by enlisting the aid of a proven and aggressive employment law attorney.

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