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Former Al Jazeera America employee alleges wrongful termination

Most employees in the United States have the expectation that when they go to work they will not face discriminatory conduct. When that type of conduct is encountered workers expect that their complaints about it will be heard and appropriate action to rectify the problem will be taken. Unfortunately that is not always the case and sometimes those individuals are retaliated against by being fired.

When this happens the former employee may be able to take legal action against his or her former employer. A man formerly employed by Al Jazeera America recently did that very thing.

The man, who was a supervisor of media and archive management, claims that he was fired in retaliation less than two weeks after filing a complaint against an executive at AJAM. Specifically he alleged that the senior vice president of broadcast operations and technology:

  • Made anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks
  • Made discriminatory comments
  • Excluded female workers from meetings and emails that involved their assignments
  • Removed workers who were women from various projects.
  • Sought to replace a cameraman from Israeli decent with a Palestinian

The cable news channel denies the allegations.

In his lawsuit the former employee seeks damages of $15 million.

The decision to step forward and report behavior that you believe is against the law is often not an easy decision to make. While some information is received and followed up on, other times, an employer instead chooses to retaliate against the worker, breaking yet another law. Whistleblower cases like this one are often complicated and require the assistance of a lawyer who has handled such cases in the past.

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