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Woman files wrongful termination claim after reporting harassment

Many workers lose their jobs each year because of unfair labor practices. Employees who report improper behavior and suffer from discrimination are sometimes retaliated against in efforts to keep their complaints quiet. Terminated Massachusetts employees are forced to find other ways to support their families and can suffer financial hardships. Some choose to not accept a wrongful termination and turn to the legal system for justice.

A woman who worked for a municipality in another state alleges that she suffered retaliation after reporting harassment. She has brought a claim against the municipality and its officers. The plaintiff was hired in 1990 and claims that her co-workers regularly harassed her. They purportedly would have lewd conversations, display crude gestures and use derogatory language around her. Because of her environment, she claims she could not do her job.

She claims that she complained about her co-workers multiple times, but, after she complained, the retaliation began, and her schedule became restricted. The plaintiff suffers from optic atrophy, which affects her vision, and it was a condition of which the defendants were aware. When she made her formal complaint, she was demoted shortly thereafter.

After her demotion, she was allegedly refused a reasonable accommodation and was still harassed. She claims she was prevented from moving forward in her career, and other opportunities for advancement were denied. The plaintiff was ultimately fired, for which she has filed a wrongful termination complaint, as well as citing violations of the ADA and retaliation. It is against the law for Massachusetts employers to terminate workers for bringing forth complaints. If the claimants are successful, they may be awarded lost wages and other compensation, as well as possibly be reinstated.

Source:, "Former Armstrong County employee alleges wrongful termination", May 19, 2015

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