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June 2015 Archives

Man with depression accuses hospital of workplace discrimination

Many Americans suffer with depression, which can cause them to have a difficult time at work. Massachusetts employees who suffer from a medical illness expect to be treated fairly and informed about all of their options to care for themselves. When employees who suffer from such illnesses suddenly lose their jobs, they may believe that they are the victims of workplace discrimination.

Restaurants violate wage and hour laws, forced to pay back pay

Numerous restaurants in a city outside of Massachusetts are being ordered by the government to provide workers with back pay. Over 100 workers will receive back income of more than $145,000 after their employers failed to comply with wage and hour laws. Reportedly, the restaurants have agreed to avoid violating the law moving forward.

Fed up former bus driver filed a workplace discrimination claim

A level of respect should be normal in the workplace, but that is not always the case. Each day, workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere are treated improperly and are the victims of workplace discrimination. A driver for an Orthodox Jewish school, or yeshiva, alleges that he was victimized because of his race.

Woman accuses eatery of workplace discrimination re pregnancy

Becoming pregnant can be an exciting time in a woman's life. To make more money for the new arrival, many women in Massachusetts and elsewhere continue to work during their pregnancies. In this delicate condition, many women may need a reasonable accommodation so that they are able continue to perform their duties until the child is born. Some companies, however, treat pregnant workers differently, causing the women to believe that they are victims of workplace discrimination.

Price Chopper accused of wage and hour laws violations

A class of workers who were employed by Price Chopper are alleging that they were not paid correctly. The main plaintiff, who worked at three of the company's Massachusetts locations, maintains that the company did not abide by wage and hour laws and did not pay her overtime. Her lawsuit was granted class action so that other similarly situated workers could participate.

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