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Fed up former bus driver filed a workplace discrimination claim

A level of respect should be normal in the workplace, but that is not always the case. Each day, workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere are treated improperly and are the victims of workplace discrimination. A driver for an Orthodox Jewish school, or yeshiva, alleges that he was victimized because of his race.

The plaintiff -- who was the only black driver -- claims that he was employed at the school for four months, but during that time he claims he put in long hours that should have been paid at overtime. He asserts that he was paid a flat rate of $600 each week that was eventually was raised up to $850. The bus driver claims that he worked six days a week and worked 13 hours each shift for five of those days.

Not only does the plaintiff believe he endured wage theft but also verbal abuse. He avers that his supervisor and students would use derogatory statements about his race, and the students would throw things at him while the teachers did nothing to intervene. When he reported the behavior, he was purportedly told that he should be lucky that he has his job.

The issues continued for the plaintiff when he had $1,500 allegedly deducted from his pay because of an accident that he said never occurred. This was the second accident that the plaintiff was allegedly going to have docked from his pay. The plaintiff asserts that after the second accident, his pay was reduced and his workload grew. After complaining about the missing money, lack of overtime and increased hours, he was fired.

The plaintiff filed a claim accusing the school of a wrongful termination, workplace discrimination and wage theft. His manager denied all of the allegations and so did the yeshiva. Workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere deserve equal pay for equal work and when that does not happen, they have the right to pursue claims against their employers. Based upon evidence of the situation, the claimants may be awarded monetary damages as well as any other financial relief deemed appropriate by a civil court.

Source:, "Underpaid Yeshiva Bus Driver Called "Monkey Friend" By Boss, Lawsuit Alleges: Gothamist", Nathan Tempey, June 2, 2015

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