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Man with depression accuses hospital of workplace discrimination

Many Americans suffer with depression, which can cause them to have a difficult time at work. Massachusetts employees who suffer from a medical illness expect to be treated fairly and informed about all of their options to care for themselves. When employees who suffer from such illnesses suddenly lose their jobs, they may believe that they are the victims of workplace discrimination.

A man who worked for a medical center as a patient accounts clerk in another state claims that he lost his job and suffered discrimination because he suffered from depression. The plaintiff alleges that while he was employed at the center, it was known that he dealt with depression and would have episodes stemming from it. In order to help him stop smoking, he was prescribed medication, but as a side effect he was unable to sleep.

The plaintiff claims that he was having emotion difficulties and was irritable, so he met with a representative from the Employee Assistant Program. She allegedly suggested that he seek a psychiatrist for help, and he took her advice. After his meeting with the psychiatrist, he admitted himself to the hospital to deal with his difficulties. He claims that the defendant was aware of what he was doing, but he asserts he was never told about his benefits under FMLA.

After four days, the plaintiff came back to work, but avers that he was suspended because he had been accused of activity that constituted harassment. A week later he was fired. The plaintiff filed charges accusing the hospital of workplace discrimination and wrongful termination and is seeking damages for his case. Aggrieved Massachusetts workers in similar situations have the right to file claims in order to right the wrongs against them.

Source:, "Man accuses St. Mary's of discrimination, wrongful termination", Kyla Asbury, June 15, 2015

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