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Price Chopper accused of wage and hour laws violations

A class of workers who were employed by Price Chopper are alleging that they were not paid correctly. The main plaintiff, who worked at three of the company's Massachusetts locations, maintains that the company did not abide by wage and hour laws and did not pay her overtime. Her lawsuit was granted class action so that other similarly situated workers could participate.

The woman worked as a department manager and team leader. She claims that when she worked in excess of 40 hours a week, she was not paid overtime. The plaintiff asserts that other workers who performed the same functions as she -- such as handling customers and cleaning the store -- were paid overtime.

Other employees who were team leaders within the last three years at any of the supermarket's 135 locations will be notified of the impending lawsuit. There are approximately 1,355 potential plaintiffs to join the lawsuit as well as others who are no longer with the company. A spokesperson for the grocery store noted that this case will not apply to everyone who was in a team leader position. Those who worked in the pharmacy or were hourly employees will be excluded from the complaint.

The representative for the supermarket also stated that the company denies the allegations and said that the company is well versed in state and federal wage and hour laws. She said that the company is serious about taking care of its workers and ensuring that all of them are paid appropriately. Massachusetts employees who find discrepancies in their pay checks and are not given a satisfactory resolution may consider the possibility of pursuing civil claims to seek a monetary judgment for the wages they believe to be owed.

Source:, "Price Chopper team leaders to get invite to join overtime lawsuit", Tim O'brien, May 21, 2015

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