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Woman accuses eatery of workplace discrimination re pregnancy

Becoming pregnant can be an exciting time in a woman's life. To make more money for the new arrival, many women in Massachusetts and elsewhere continue to work during their pregnancies. In this delicate condition, many women may need a reasonable accommodation so that they are able continue to perform their duties until the child is born. Some companies, however, treat pregnant workers differently, causing the women to believe that they are victims of workplace discrimination.

A management trainee who was employed by waffle house in another state claims that she was discriminated against because she was pregnant. She claims that she always received favorable performance reviews in the past. Everything allegedly changed once she informed her manager of her pregnancy. The plaintiff asserts that her manager did not react favorably and made a negative comment about her upcoming pregnancy and the fact that she already had three children.

Her manager purportedly told her that her supervisors thought she wouldn't be able to do her job and would be too slow. The plaintiff explained that she would be able to do her job just as effectively as she had before she became pregnant. The plaintiff claims that she suddenly began receiving false negative performance reviews and was ultimately fired. She was apparently told that the reason for her firing was because she was no longer needed.

The plaintiff filed a claim against the eatery, accusing it of workplace discrimination based on her pregnancy. She is asking to be awarded a minimum of $100,000 and has requested a trial by jury. Women in Massachusetts who feel that they have been victimized at work because they are pregnant may turn to the legal system for help. Based upon evidence of on-the-job discrimination, they may be awarded lost wages and other monetary damages as awarded by the court.

Source:, "Dallas County Woman Sues Waffle House, Claims Discrimination Due to Pregnancy", Jamie Weiss, June 5, 2015

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