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July 2015 Archives

UPS faces workplace discrimination claim for appearance policy

Massachusetts readers may be aware that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents employers from discriminating against employees based on their religion as well as other statuses protected under this law. UPS is being accused by some of its workers and applicants that it will not budge when it comes to its appearance policy. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a workplace discrimination claim on behalf of the affected people.

Woman files a wrongful termination claim after being fired twice

Massachusetts workers who use intermittent medical leave in accordance with the law may not expect that they could lose their jobs. A woman who worked for a casino in another state alleges that she was fired twice after suffering injuries at work. Since then, she has filed a wrongful termination claim to try to right the wrongs against her.

False arrest leads to wrongful termination claim by Amazon driver

Massachusetts employers that react too quickly to arrests and fire workers automatically can cause unnecessary hardship and financial loss. They may also be in violation of state and federal employment laws. An aggrieved worker may choose to pursue a wrongful termination claim to try to right any wrongs committed.

Massachusetts company faces charges for violating employee rights

A flexible packaging and plastic film producer in Massachusetts is facing a harassment lawsuit that was filed by an employee. This is apparently not the first time the company is facing such a lawsuit as another employee took similar steps against it last year. In the latest case, an employee claims her employee rights were violated when the company allowed her supervisor to commit harassment and discrimination.

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