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False arrest leads to wrongful termination claim by Amazon driver

Massachusetts employers that react too quickly to arrests and fire workers automatically can cause unnecessary hardship and financial loss. They may also be in violation of state and federal employment laws. An aggrieved worker may choose to pursue a wrongful termination claim to try to right any wrongs committed.

A man who worked for First Delivery -- the company that delivers the packages for Amazon customers -- alleges that he is now suffering the consequences of his former employer's hasty reaction to his arrest. The plaintiff claims that one day when he went into work, he was greeted by police officers dressed in street clothes. They placed the man under arrest and accused him of stealing a bicycle.

The police purportedly told him that a woman was apparently seen stealing a bike. Allegedly, she came from inside a white van that looked similar to the accused man's delivery vehicle. Police asked if a woman had been in his van and if he had seen anything. Plaintiff noted only that he delivered a large of quantity of packages that day and that they had arrested the wrong person. Regardless, the man still ended up being in jail and was released on bail the next day.

The following day, he apparently received a text from First Delivery indicating that, due to the circumstances, he was being terminated. According to his employment law attorney, the man was falsely arrested never charged; thus, an innocent man lost his job because the company acted rashly. The man filed a wrongful termination claim against the company, which is now pending. Massachusetts workers who believe that they have lost their jobs improperly may choose to file claims against their employers. Successfully presented claims often result in monetary awards for damages sustained and even reinstatement to a prior position in appropriate circumstances.

Source:, "Suit: wrongful arrest led to firing of delivery driver", Michael Chen, July 10, 2015

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