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Massachusetts company faces charges for violating employee rights

A flexible packaging and plastic film producer in Massachusetts is facing a harassment lawsuit that was filed by an employee. This is apparently not the first time the company is facing such a lawsuit as another employee took similar steps against it last year. In the latest case, an employee claims her employee rights were violated when the company allowed her supervisor to commit harassment and discrimination.

The plaintiff named the company and a member of its staff, who was her supervisor, as defendants. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff's supervisor allowed male workers to engage in watching pornography in the presence of her and other female employees while they were on duty. She claims that the defendant made derogatory and offensive remarks -- often sexually explicit -- toward her on a regular basis.

The plaintiff contends that she reported the harassment to the company's management, and she was assured the matter would be investigated. However, the supervisor was informed about her complaint, causing an escalation of the harassment. The worker further claims that, upon finding out that she is gay, the supervisor engaged in sexual discrimination by intensifying the abuse and harassment. Also, he allegedly retaliated against her for filing complaints and reduced her overtime hours while the hours of other workers remained unchanged.

According to reports, the lawsuit that was filed last year involved the same supervisor violating the employee rights of another worker in a similar manner. There is no excuse for abusive, harassing and discriminating treatment of employees. Fortunately, affected employees retain the right to take legal action. There are experienced attorneys in Massachusetts who focus on protecting employee rights. Circumstances will be assessed before attorneys will discuss the available options while providing guidance throughout any proceedings that may follow.

Source:, "Second employee files harassment suit against Polyvinyl Films", Elaine Thompson, July 7, 2015

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