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August 2015 Archives

Target settles for $2.8M for workplace discrimination charges

Retail giant Target hires thousands of employees each year in Massachusetts and across the country. Not everyone who applies will be eligible for a position, but each candidate should only be eliminated by legal means. To choose the best candidate, Target uses pre-employment testing. Recently the company has been accused of workplace discrimination because of some of the tests that it uses.

VA nurses claim the government violated wage and hour laws

Veterans in Massachusetts and elsewhere depend on VA hospitals to treat them after serving our country. The nurses who work at those hospitals may put in long hours to tend to their patients. Two nurses working for medical centers in another state claim that they were forced to work overtime without pay and placing the federal government in violation of its own wage and hour laws. Thirty-three similarly situated nurses have also joined the lawsuit.

Diner and owner are being accused of violating wage and hour laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, employers in Massachusetts and elsewhere are to pay time and one-half when eligible employees work more than 40 hours per week. It is a violation of state and federal law for employers to not pay their workers properly. A former worker and 10 other restaurant employees in another state have filed a class-action lawsuit in a federal court against their employer who they believe is in violation of wage and hour laws.

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Popeye's workers allege violations to state wage and hour laws

Many Massachusetts readers may be familiar with the Popeye's Chicken franchise. A group of four workers for the restaurant in another state claim that the company violated state and federal wage and hour laws. They claim that they were not paid overtime nor were some of them paid the applicable minimum wage.

Former officer receives $250k after wrongful termination claim

Questioning the way that things have always been done, especially when it comes to ethical and political issues, may be a fear to which Massachusetts readers can relate. The president of a union that represents police officers in another state claims that he was fired after he began questioning some of the practices of the union. He named two fellow officers, a former police chief and the mayor as defendants in his wrongful termination claim.

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