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Former officer receives $250k after wrongful termination claim

Questioning the way that things have always been done, especially when it comes to ethical and political issues, may be a fear to which Massachusetts readers can relate. The president of a union that represents police officers in another state claims that he was fired after he began questioning some of the practices of the union. He named two fellow officers, a former police chief and the mayor as defendants in his wrongful termination claim.

The former officer alleges that he began to question the practice of allowing commanders to be voting members of the union. The man addressed his concerns with the State Employee Relations Board. After he had taken the issues up with the board, he felt that his supervisors began to believe that his integrity had been compromised.

Additionally, the plaintiff claimed that after he attempted to change the designated legal counsel for the union, police management sought to have him indicted. He alleged that his freedom of speech was infringed upon as retaliation against him after speaking up. The plaintiff then filed the lawsuit, which was mediated by a federal judge.

A city council meeting was held to ratify the settlement terms of the wrongful termination claim. The city agreed to pay $192,000, and another $65,000 was to be paid by the city's insurance carrier. Similarly situated individuals in Massachusetts who feel that they have lost their jobs unjustly may consider filing claims against their employers. Those whose claims are successfully presented may be entitled to a judgment for monetary damages and the possibility of being reinstated in specified circumstances.

Source:, "Beachwood reaches $250,000 settlement with former officer who sued for wrongful termination", Jeff Piorkowski, July 30, 2015

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