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October 2015 Archives

State accused of violating wage and hour laws related to overtime

One man working outside Massachusetts believes the overtime hours he has worked have been paid at the wrong rate per hour. He maintains that the state in which he works has violated wage and hour laws, which has resulted in him being shorted quite a large sum of money. His case has been filed as a class action lawsuit, and it has recently been moved to a federal court.

Woman claims workplace discrimination forced her to resign

Discrimination can be encountered by Massachusetts workers in many forms, some not as blatant as others, but all types are against the law. An out-of-state employee alleges that she was the victim of workplace discrimination based on her race. Her complaint has been filed in a federal court in the hopes that the court can right the wrongs against her.

Subway accused of workplace discrimination by former employee

Many Massachusetts workers are familiar with the sandwich shop chain Subway. One of its former workers from another state claims that he was the victim of workplace discrimination. A lawsuit has since been filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to try to right the wrongs against him.

Denny's accused of workplace discrimination by Muslim ex employee

In a case outside Massachusetts, a former employee for Denny's restaurant alleges he was the victim of discrimination because of his religious beliefs. He claims that the workplace discrimination caused him to lose his job and has brought hardship to his family. The man says that he has been forced to live with his family in a homeless shelter because he was unable to keep up with his bills.

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