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December 2015 Archives

Woman says using FMLA leave resulted in her wrongful termination

Massachusetts employees are already dealing with a difficult situation when a Family and Medical Leave Act leave is requested. The situation can be compounded when employers do not handle the approved leave in accordance with the law. A former hospital employee from another state claims that she suffered a wrongful termination after she took advantage of her benefits under the FMLA. Her claim against the hospital is now in federal court.

Class action lawsuit accuses club of violating wage and hour laws

A woman who worked for a jazz club outside of Massachusetts claims that she was underpaid. She believes that the club violated wage and hour laws, and she is hoping that her case will award her the lost wages she believes she is owed. The federal lawsuit she has filed seeks class-action status so that other similarly situated employees will be included.

Dick's could shell out $10M for wage and hour laws violations

Workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere have been fighting back against alleged wage theft conducted by their employers. Several large scale retailers have been faced with violations of wage and hour laws in 2015, including improperly classifying parts of their management teams as exempt. Dick's Sporting Goods is the most recent retailer to face similar allegations by some of its management staff.

UPS accused of workplace discrimination by deaf employee

With the aid of translators and other accommodating devices, disabled employees are able to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. When these reasonable accommodations do not place undue hardship upon a Massachusetts business, the company is required to oblige. A United Parcel Service worker claims that he faced workplace discrimination because he was deaf and was not given the accommodations that he required.

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