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Dick's could shell out $10M for wage and hour laws violations

Workers in Massachusetts and elsewhere have been fighting back against alleged wage theft conducted by their employers. Several large scale retailers have been faced with violations of wage and hour laws in 2015, including improperly classifying parts of their management teams as exempt. Dick's Sporting Goods is the most recent retailer to face similar allegations by some of its management staff.

Dick's Softline Mangers, Hardline Managers and Sales Support Managers have been allegedly misclassified, and the affected class has taken the athletic retailer to court. The plaintiffs allege that people in these roles have been improperly classified as exempt. Because they are listed as exempt, work in excess of 40 hours per week is not subject to overtime laws.

When faced with the allegations, Dick's elected to try to settle the class action lawsuit and avoid litigation. However, the retailer maintains that it has done nothing illegal. Although the court has not approved the settlement yet, it is expected to do so.

The wage and hour laws violation lawsuit was filed in federal court in Massachusetts. The affected class, upon approval, will be receiving up to $10 million in unpaid overtime. Many employees work hard to be promoted into management positions in the hopes of being paid a higher wage. Although they may get more money, many are overworked and lose out on the overtime that they were receiving when they were being paid hourly. Employees who question whether their positions should be classified as exempt can consult with an employment law attorney who can help them determine if there is a viable case.

Source:, "Dick's Sporting Goods Agrees To Settle Overtime-Pay Lawsuit", Margaret Sutherlin, Dec. 10, 2015

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