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UPS accused of workplace discrimination by deaf employee

With the aid of translators and other accommodating devices, disabled employees are able to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. When these reasonable accommodations do not place undue hardship upon a Massachusetts business, the company is required to oblige. A United Parcel Service worker claims that he faced workplace discrimination because he was deaf and was not given the accommodations that he required.

The UPS pre-loader alleges that he asked multiple times to be accommodated due to his disability, but he was denied. The plaintiff has difficulty understanding conversations, which makes it difficult for him to perform his job duties. For him to be able to understand everyone at work, the plaintiffs needs an American Sign Language translator, but he was never assigned one.

In a noted incident, the plaintiff was preloading a package when it fell, and the contents were splayed all over the floor. The plaintiff tried to tell his superior what had happened, but the supervisor allegedly never answered and did not understand what the worker was trying to convey. This is not the only incident that the plaintiff suffered, and it was for these reasons that he chose to file a claim.

UPS is begin accused of violating the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is seeking monetary damages for the emotional distress he endured as well as injunctive relief to see that other disabled workers will be accommodated and not face this type of workplace discrimination going forward. Massachusetts workers who feel that they were victimized on-the-job due to discrimination concerning a disability can choose to pursue legal recourse.

Source:, "Deaf employee sues UPS over discrimination allegations", Carrie Bradon, Dec. 2, 2015

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