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January 2016 Archives

Woman claims her EEOC complaints led to her wrongful termination

Massachusetts workers who feel that they have been discriminated against are within their legal rights to reach out to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission without fear of retaliation. An out-of-state woman alleges that her former employer made several attempts to get rid of her after filing a complaint. After she was fired, she filed a wrongful termination complaint in federal court against the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs as well as its secretary.

Publishing company accused of violating wage and hour laws

Massachusetts workers think nothing of using the restroom while they are work as it only takes a few minutes from their day. In another state, a publishing business reportedly required its employees to clock out when they took trips to the lavatory. The company has been accused in federal court of violating wage and hour laws, particularly the Fair Labor Standard Act. The complaint was filed in 2012 by the Department of Labor.

Man claims he missed a promotion due to workplace discrimination

Many older Massachusetts employees may feel that they need to walk on egg shells for fear of being replaced. When promotions open within a company, the older employees may be discounted and then replaced with younger workers who are less qualified. An employee for an asset management company in another state alleges that he was denied a promotion solely based on his age. He has filed a workplace discrimination claim in a federal court.

Professor says he was passed over due to workplace discrimination

Finding part-time work in Massachusetts and across the United States can be difficult, but finding full-time employment can be far more challenging. Many employees strive for full-time status to make more money and achieve more security for their futures. Individuals who are denied promotions based on workplace discrimination have every right to be angry to and may pursue justice through the civil court system.

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