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Man claims he missed a promotion due to workplace discrimination

Many older Massachusetts employees may feel that they need to walk on egg shells for fear of being replaced. When promotions open within a company, the older employees may be discounted and then replaced with younger workers who are less qualified. An employee for an asset management company in another state alleges that he was denied a promotion solely based on his age. He has filed a workplace discrimination claim in a federal court.

The plaintiff began working for the company in 2002 as a senior portfolio manager. During his tenure, he claims that he commonly received accolades for his work. When a he applied for a promotion, he thought that he would have a good chance of being chosen, but the man was mistaken.

The manager was 50 years old when he tried to get the promotion and was denied. He claims that the person who was chosen was brand new to the company. Additionally, it is alleged that the new employee did not have any experience, whereas the plaintiff did.

The plaintiff contends that the reason he was not chosen was because of his age and that his experience and qualifications for the position were intentionally disregarded by management. He is accusing the company of workplace discrimination and violations of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Individuals in Massachusetts who believe they have been victimized may be entitled to lost wages and benefits, damages and any other remedy the court deems appropriate in a successfully navigated claim.

Source:, "Aberdeen Asset Management Inc. sued over claims of age discrimination", Carrie Bradon, Jan. 7, 2016

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