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Professor says he was passed over due to workplace discrimination

Finding part-time work in Massachusetts and across the United States can be difficult, but finding full-time employment can be far more challenging. Many employees strive for full-time status to make more money and achieve more security for their futures. Individuals who are denied promotions based on workplace discrimination have every right to be angry to and may pursue justice through the civil court system.

A part-time college professor in another state filed a claim in federal court after he was denied a promotion on two occasions.. The plaintiff claims that he was interviewed for full time status twice over a 10 year time period, but didn't get any further. Each time he was passed over, and he claims the decisions were based on his race and gender and not his qualifications.

The plaintiff -- who happens to be black -- maintains that in 2015, the school brought on seven people who had full-time status. He claims that out of the seven people who were hired for the English department, no black males were included. Furthermore, he alleges that over a 15 year period, there were only three black males out of 50 people full-time employees.

The professor's workplace discrimination claim accuses the school of basing promotional decisions on a person's protected status characteristic instead of merit. Decisions for Massachusetts individuals to be hired, fired or promoted may not should not be determined by any status that is protected by the law. If any workers feel that they are aggrieved, they have the right to seek redress in civil court.

Source:, "College teacher alleges discrimination in lawsuit, report says", Alex Young, Dec. 31, 2015

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