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3 former Chipotle managers allege workplace discrimination

Popular restaurant chain Chipotle is facing a lawsuit by three former female employees. The women, who worked in locations outside Massachusetts, allege that they lost their jobs due to workplace discrimination. They have filed their federal lawsuit, hoping they will find justice for being mistreated. All three of the plaintiffs were general managers with the same regional and area managers above them. Each claim they dealt with a form of discrimination based on their gender.

One of women became pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, the woman had a series of difficult events happen: one of her babies died and the other required on-going hospitalization; also, her brother-in-law passed away. While she was out, a former area manager filled in for her and, when she returned, helped her to get used to working again. However, after a risk assessment audit was conducted, the woman's score dropped significantly. The manager purportedly did not speak to the plaintiff at all when conducting the audit.

The plaintiff approached her manager about what happened, but her manager purportedly lashed out at her. Ultimately, she was fired under the pretext that her store was understaffed. She contends that she had recently hired seven people prior to her firing and that she only lost her job so more males could be hired.

The second plaintiff claims she was transferred to another location that was thriving under her supervision, so much so that every six months she was receiving a bonus. When the regional and area managers visited, they purportedly told the plaintiff that they were very pleased with what she had done, yet she was still fired and replaced with a man. The third plaintiff faced a similar situation. Massachusetts victims who have lost their jobs based on workplace discrimination have the right to pursue legal action. Those who would like to file a lawsuit will benefit from having their cases evaluated to determine the next best steps in the process.


Source:, "Chipotle lawsuit alleges gender discrimination", Eric Schwartzberg, Feb. 3, 2016

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