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Worker claims he lost his job due to workplace discrimination

In some companies in Massachusetts and elsewhere, older employers are disregarded. These workers no longer become valued and, in some cases, the companies may try to get rid of them to make room for younger replacements. A man who worked for Teradata Corporation in another state alleges that he was fired due to his age. He filed a workplace discrimination claim against the company in federal court.

The plaintiff began working for the data company in 2000 as a marketing strategist and even received a promotion three years later. He alleges that he was a stellar employee during his tenure. He claims that, in 2014, everything went downhill as the company started to make workforce changes.

According to the complaint, Teradata had decided that it wanted to hire younger employees. To get rid of the older employees, the company apparently started encouraging workers over 60 years of age to voluntarily leave. In return, they were allegedly offered incentives.

The man claims he was told by his boss that he would soon be losing his job, and shortly thereafter, all the employees who were over 40 were terminated. The plaintiff wanted to try to keep his job and apparently applied for different positions for which he was qualified, but was never made an offer. He accuses the company of workplace discrimination and violations of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Older Massachusetts workers should not be in fear of losing their jobs as they age. Individuals in similar situations have the right to seek legal recourse, and successfully presented claims may result in awards for monetary damages, lost wages and possible reinstatement, when applicable.

Source:, "Chester Springs worker alleges Teradata fired him due to age", Carrie Bradon, Feb. 16, 2016

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