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March 2016 Archives

Chipotle worker claims wrongful termination was retaliation

Chipotle might have recently made Massachusetts headlines for E. coli outbreaks at some of its locations, but that apparently is not the only unsavory thing going on at the popular chain. One woman claims that she and other females were the target of unwanted sexual attention from managers. She is currently seeking damages in a wrongful termination suit filed against the company.

Chronic stress caused by workplace discrimination

It may come as no surprise to those who have experienced some type of workplace discrimination in the past, but science now confirms what most people already knew -- being discriminated against is stressful. While some people in Massachusetts and indeed across the rest of the United States insist that workplace discrimination is no longer a real concern, the data does not lie. Workers are still being discriminated against, and it is having real and profound effects on their lives.

Pharmaceutical company faces workplace discrimination complaint

In a case outside Massachusetts, a female employee argues that she was not given the same treatment as her male co-worker. She claims that after it was discovered she was in a relationship with a co-worker, she lost her job, but he did not. The woman is accusing her former employer of workplace discrimination based on her gender. She has sued the company in a federal court to try to seek justice.

Man claims his firing was based on workplace discrimination

Some companies in Massachusetts and elsewhere will try to edge out employees by slowly cutting their hours until they are reduced below a living wage. Another tactic some employers use is to make their employees' work lives so miserable that the workers leave on their own. An out-of-state man claims that he was subjected to mistreatment because of his race and filed a workplace discrimination claim in a federal court.

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