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Chipotle worker claims wrongful termination was retaliation

Chipotle might have recently made Massachusetts headlines for E. coli outbreaks at some of its locations, but that apparently is not the only unsavory thing going on at the popular chain. One woman claims that she and other females were the target of unwanted sexual attention from managers. She is currently seeking damages in a wrongful termination suit filed against the company.

The former employee was originally hired as a lead kitchen worker in Dec. 2013. At the time, she says that she was given a uniform shirt that was purposely too small, and that when she complained to her manager, he made an inappropriate comment about her breasts. She was then given another shirt that was also smaller than it should have been and was again subjected to harassing comments. Her suit also cites multiple instances of forced hugs and unwanted touching underneath her shirt.

Aside from personally experiencing sexually inappropriate advances, the former employee also claims that managers and supervisors misused the location's security cameras. If a woman that they believed was attractive entered the store, they would apparently retreat to the office with the security cameras in order to manipulate the angle and view the women in an inappropriate manner. She believes she was fired for making complaints related to these actions toward her and female customers and also for reporting a work-related injury.

Places of work should be safe and professional environments for both employees and customers. It takes an enormous amount of courage to stand up and complain about inappropriate workplace behavior. When those actions are met with a wrongful termination, individuals in Massachusetts can take action against their employer through the civil court system.

Source: Woodland Hills Patch, "Chipotle Employees Used Security Cameras to Ogle Attractive Customers, Suit Alleges", Paige Austin, March 16, 2016

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