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May 2016 Archives

Workplace discrimination against caregivers shockingly high

The very survival of the human species relies on individuals who choose to have children and successfully raise them to adulthood. While this may be true, it has not stopped many employers from creating and exercising discriminatory policies, mostly against mothers. Workplace discrimination lawsuits filed by family caregivers have increased nearly 270 percent in just the past 10 years, indicating a serious issue that many parents, and mothers in particular, face.

Wrongful termination suit revives old controversy

Fear of retaliation from employers is an effective tactic that some business use in order to suppress workers from reporting indecencies in the workplace. Demotion, the withholding of a promotion and even wrongful termination are all forms of retaliation that whistleblowers in Massachusetts face. Victims of retaliation are not powerless, however, as they can address retaliation-related damages in a lawsuit.

Uber settles employee rights violation claim for $100 million

The classification of Uber drivers has made news headlines across the United States, and the company recently settled a class-action lawsuit brought forth in a federal district court in Massachusetts over that very issue. The difference between an employee and an independent contractor is significant, and some Uber drivers claimed that their employee rights were being violated because of how they had been classified. Uber ultimately shelled out $100 million to settle that suit and one other, and two other suits have been filed since then.

Standing up for victims of workplace discrimination

It is unacceptable for a Massachusetts employee is treated differently on the basis of skin color, sexual orientation or other legally protected factors. There is not room for workplace discrimination in an work environment, yet many people face unfair treatment without seeking help. While it may seem like an overwhelming and hopeless situation, it is possible to make it stop and hold responsible parties accountable.

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