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Former MMA matchmaker files wrongful termination suit

In Massachusetts and other states, mixed martial arts is better known for the fights in the ring rather than the management behind them. However, a lawsuit is bringing some of that behind-the-scene action to light, and it is not exactly pretty. A former matchmaker for the company Bellator claims that he was the victim of wrongful termination after he complained about unsavory business practices to executives. According to his lawsuit, his termination was in violation of whistleblower laws.

While working at Bellator, the former matchmaker started out under one management regime and then ended his employment with another. It was the second management that allegedly created a difficult and even illegal work environment. According to his suit, the matchmaker was required to book mismatches between fighters, which he likened to fight fixing. He also claims that he was repeatedly asked to violate the law in order to retain his employment.

Sometime after the second management took over, he went on a year-long medical leave because of a work-related injury. Upon his return, he voiced his complaints to company executives. At that point, he says he was terminated for alerting the company to the unsavory practices he was supposedly being forced to engage in.

His wrongful termination suit seeks economic damages for the wages that he lost, general damages for the emotional distress he suffered as well as punitive damages and court costs. These are common damages claimed by victims who were fired for unjust reasons. Any Massachusetts employee who feels he or she was unjustly fired for reporting wrongdoing should contact an experienced employment law attorney for help.

Source:, "Former Bellator matchmaker sues for wrongful termination", Steven Marrocco, May 26, 2016

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