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Each and every worker in Massachusetts should be able to expect that they will be treated with respect in the workplace, and that their forward mobility in a company will be based on their performance and respective qualifications. Unfortunately, this is simply not the reality for many employees across the state. Workplace discrimination continues to create hostile work environments, and we fight for victims and their right to a safe workplace.

Although blatant discrimination has become less common over the years, many employers still actively discriminate against certain workers in less obvious ways. Historically, discrimination against workers of a different race or skin color often manifested in an outright refusal to hire them. Today, minority employees often face a much different type of discrimination that is subtler, such as different treatment from employers or continually being passed over for qualified positions.

While discrimination based on race has existed for perhaps as long as workplaces, genetic discrimination is a relatively new phenomenon. Technological advances have made it possible for genetic testing to reveal if a person has a genetic predisposition for certain diseases. Learning of a genetic predisposition to diabetes or breast cancer allows individuals to take control of their health, but it can also lead to discrimination. When an employer is aware of a worker's potential to one day develop a debilitating disease, that individual might soon be actively discriminated against or even wrongfully discharged from their position.

Whether based on an employee's outward appearance or what is going on inside of his or her body, workplace discrimination is wrong. Workers should be judged by their qualifications and ability to perform their job, and anything more than that goes against Massachusetts state law. We understand the enormous pressure that workers feel when facing discrimination, and we make sure that all of our clients understand their rights when looking for solutions to volatile work environments.

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