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Google at center of workplace discrimination investigation

Google is one of the most well-known websites on the internet, and most people in Massachusetts use at least one of its many services when hopping online. While Google's search engine, email service and cloud storage are used by people of all ages, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suspect that its headquarters is less accommodating. The company is currently under investigation for allegedly exercising workplace discrimination based on workers' ages.

The tech industry is often associated with young, fresh workers, while older employees are pushed aside. A professor of computer science who also studies age discrimination notes that this is in stark contrast to the diverse image that most tech companies try to promote. He claims that age discrimination is a serious problem across all of the tech industry, with many employees feeling the effects as young as 35.

Google's own workforce is mostly comprised of people aged 40 or younger. In addition to the EEOC investigation, the tech-giant is also set to go to court in May 2017 for its alleged discriminatory hiring practices. One of the women included in the lawsuit claims that, on multiple occasions, Google approached her for possible job openings because of her extensive qualifications. She was not hired for any of those openings despite having been contacted by the company rather than putting in an application for herself.

Age-related workplace discrimination tends to have different roots than discrimination based on race or gender. Employers in Massachusetts often operate under the wrong impression that certain job skills are isolated to younger workers, which can lead to more blatant acts of open discrimination. Workers who have been victims of age-related discriminatory practices can take action through filing necessary complaints with the EEOC and by pursuing just legal recourse via a lawsuit.

Source:, "Federal investigators probe Google over age-discrimination complaints", Ethan Baron, July 7, 2016

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